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Picking courses easier

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Published on April 1, 2009 in The Huntington News

That familiar feeling of the course registration system jamming due to traffic is no longer a problem. The new Banner Student System on the myNEU portal has been running smoothly, according to a university official.

The new system has yet to crash after two days of registration, and there have not been any major complaints, said Senior Associate Registrar Charles Price.

“It’s hard to get a sense overall how everyone is feeling,” he said. “We’ve just had the normal complaints ‘hellip; about people not being happy with their registration time, but they’re just factors of life.”

The new system is navigated differently from the old, with features that let students narrow down the search for classes with various criteria and submit all their requested classes at the same time. The Office of the Registrar put up step-by-step tutorials to try and ease the transition.

“We put up very detailed information and webinars, but I think students’ natural inclination is they see a link and they just want to try it,” he said. “Despite a lot of the information we sent out, a lot of people figured it out.”

As students adjust to the new system, Price said he was hopeful about the user reaction.

“I think as people get more used to the application and how it works, [they’ll see] it’s more user friendly,” he said.

Some students feel differently, though they admittedly haven’t learned how to use the system.

“The old one was more user-friendly,” said junior pharmacy major Matt Louie. “But I didn’t look into how to use [the new one].”

Others who took the tutorials, however, said they preferred it to the old system.

“I registered automatically and immediately. It took like two minutes,” said Tanmayi Gupta, a sophomore pharmacy major. “The only concern is it takes a while to learn how to use it.”

Another advancement with the new system is the usage of real time updates, allowing students to see the latest class availability rather than waiting for it to change overnight.

The new organization of the website makes finding things more complicated, Gupta said, but it is only a minor drawback.

“It’s a little confusing to figure out where everything is, but it’s become easier to register for classes, and the fact that it’s in real time helps a lot,” she said.

For the rest of the registration process, Price said he thinks others will remain happy with new system.

“As people use it, they seem very pleased,” he said.

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April 1, 2009 at 12:00 am