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As more snow falls, homeowners are urged to watch their roofs

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Published on January 26, 2011 in The Boston Globe MetroDesk Blog

As Massachusetts residents de-ice their driveways and prepare their cars with antifreeze, there’s another precaution some are starting to take after this season’s heavy snow – clearing their roofs of built-up snow.

Though no serious incidents of collapsed roofs or extensive damage have yet been reported to the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, the increasing snowfall this winter is raising concern, said MEMA spokesman Peter Judge.

More residents have been taking proactive approaches to snow buildup on their roofs this season, said Bill Connell, owner of Connell Roofing in Needham. His company already has jobs lined up to clear snow after tonight’s storm.

“Last year was pretty bad, and there’s a lot more snow a lot earlier in the season out here,” he said.

Connell doesn’t recommend residents try to clear their own roofs, as this can cause more harm than good when not done properly. He said roofs in good condition can handle these conditions.

“If you haven’t had a problem, it’s better off you leave it alone,” he said. “A house is made to hold the weight, but a house that’s been let go is the one that’s going to have problems.”

However, the MEMA website does have an article with suggestions for residents to clear their own roofs, and Judge suggests weight be removed from flat roofs. MEMA has made sure local emergency agencies also have the information posted on their website, and hopes the information will keep homes safe through this next storm.

“That’s sort of what we do here – prepare for the worst and hope for the best,” he said.


Written by jdunccc

January 26, 2011 at 12:00 am

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